Sunday, 22 July 2012

In Loving Memory of Strongie.

Still remember Strongie...a kitty cat that survived from serious injuries. He passed away  few days ago due to roadkill. I'm sharing some of his pictures here in the memory of him and a note to all drivers, please drive carefully if u care enough for the living.

Strongie, after pick him up from the drain and showered
Back from vet
Recovering process*unable to walk due to his nerves problem*
Bring him tour the house as he still unable to walk.
He is kind enough to share food with uninvited stray cat *able to walk after the third month*
Carbs and fats loading
getting hyper*playing with my earphone*
He loves to stalk on my FB
He bites almost everything
He is a wrestler..~
He hates ignorance
He gets annoy when nobody attend him
...and he will starts to bite tissue papers
He love desperate housewives~
Showing off his pinky paws
Digging out an ant from him paws
He wants a bracelet too!
Waiting for me to come home. 
My tummy become his all time fav pillow
He is also my all time fav pillow..
Part time hobby : Camwhoring
First attempt to make him walk for food..~
Strongie exercising his fat tummy~

Dear Strongie,
You had survived from death once and you are strong enough 
to pull through and live with your disability. 
However, death caught u in a split of second 10months after. 
May you be well and reborn in a better place.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato 
Arahato Samma-sambuddhassa
ldam me natinam hotu
Sukhita hontu natayo

Always love you